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Lady Blue

Of course I still remember you, it's been a while but I still do

But I can tell that something has gone wrong

So pardon me if I may ask, Why you're here and looking sad

I never saw you drink like this before

I don't believe what I just heard, he left you here without a word

Said it wasn't you then said goodbye

So let me offer up this toast

to a fool who don't know what he lost

I'm just trying to make you smile

      Cause why would someone make you blue

      And how could they abandon you

      And why would someone ever make you cry

      I'm hoping on the stars above, that being here will be enough

      To end these feelings drowning you tonight;  Lady Blue

Sometimes the world may move too fast

But there was someone in my past

A girl who owned the sun, the moon, the sky

And nothing could deter her dreams

That same girl here in front of me

How do I get you back to those times

     And I don't want to see you blue, So I will not abandon you

     Let us drown these feelings here tonight

     Cause long as there are stars above

     And dreams of yours of lasting love

     You'll still own the sun, the moon, the sky;  Lady Blue

     Lady Blue...   Lady Blue

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