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Ever After

Ever AfterEd Alto
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Somewhere deep in a forest, lives a dragon that breathes fire

His words would scorch the earth and they would burn

There’s a girl down the road, thinking no one will ever love her

So she spends her days walking all alone… all alone


When she notices the dragon, she doesn’t let him near her

She turns and runs away so he wrote a poem

And he nailed it to a tree, where he hoped that she would find it

Then he turned back to the forest and was gone…he was gone


When the girl found the note, she brought it to her friend

Her friend read every line and broke down crying

When she asked what does it say? I can tell that you were touched

She said, no one ever loved me quite this much                         


Then along the road one day; They came face to face

She almost turned away but turned back and she smiled

When he opened up his mouth; Only words came out

And she noticed when he spoke there was no fire…No more fire


Somewhere out in the city, there was a man whose words were fire

And a girl who felt that no one would ever love her

But they both found a reason, for kind words and laughter

And the smile that brought them happily ever after…ever after

                                                    ever after

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