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Memories are the most precious things you'll ever own

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Grand Canyon - Arizona


Bryce Canyon - Utah

When you come across a place that is awe inspiring. burn it into your conciousness, hold it in your heart and feel privileged that you had the opportunity to be a part of it, for these places will not last forever. We all have heard the expression that "You can never go home again". Things and places change but that's where memories become your personal library. REMEMBER and nothing is lost.
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Cathedral Rock - Arizona


Monument Valley - Arizona


Pancake Rocks - New Zealand

                  There are places in this world that leave one breathless. Places so unique that you want to remember your time there forever. A picture can do it justice but being able to walk through these places, created by forces of nature that sculpted unbelievable landscapes thousands (millions) of years ago makes one feel providential. Breathe it in and hold that memory forever. In a world of uncertain occurrences these are places that inspire and encourage tranquility.  

Southern Australia


Yellowstone - Wyoming


Yellowstone - Wyoming

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