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Ed Alto - "Seattle area based Singer-Songwriter, Artist, and Author"


"When I was young my goals were definite...

As time went on my dreams grew infinite..."

Lyrics from song:
'I Wouldn't Change a Thing'

I've had an exciting life. I was a Civil Engineer but made time to create through Music and Art. Later I discovered the joy of being an Author. When I was younger I engaged in numerous sports. Later I became a licensed Pilot and I've been fortunate enough to visit all 50 states, 19 countries, 31 of our National Parks and 23 of our National Monuments. All these facets of my life have helped me grow and be more creative.



My music career began as the lead guitar player of a popular Long Island New York rock band. Not too long after, I began playing solo and continued to develop my own sound and style.  I began to write my own music when I was fairly young, and throughout the years I have written many songs and continued to develop my own style. Through my music I work to create a unique sound by combining my guitar techniques, words, voice, and positive outlook on life.


I have always been passionate about art. As an artist I’ve discovered how to see the world in different ways. You analyze how light reacts on objects, how water moves, and the complexity of color. As an artist you attempt to isolate a time in space and invoke an interest and emotion using various media. The challenge is to observe, improvise, and create a work of art that instills an emotion and engages the observer.


Writing books became the anomaly in my life. I started writing stories much later in life. Since then I have written a few novels and find writing

to be an exciting addition to my other creative endeavors. I enjoy developing plots with twists that sometimes even surprise me. I start with  basic ideas but as I move forward I let the story tell me where it wants to go. It's unorthodox, but it works for me.

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