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Hi everyone. Most of you know me, I’m Ed. But you didn’t know how important I am to you and just about everyone that you know, and even the millions you don’t know. Why?  Sound incredible? It is incredible but true!

     Now without me of course, you can go for a  walk, bake, fix something, mow the lawn or watch TV. But you can’t tell anyone what you did. It’s like you never did them unless you call on me. Do you know why? Let me explain.

     You can take a walk in the park, then bake a cake, then fix your broken faucet, then mow your lawn and when you’re done you can watch a little TV. Then later you meet a friend and they ask what you did all day. That’s when you need me.

     You tell them I walked in the park, then I baked a cake, fixed the faucet, mowed the lawn and then I watched a show on TV.

     See how I helped you explain to your friend what you did. You needed me.


      Your past participle,


 Special Note from Ed

Over The Border:

Jesse grew up during a dangerous  time in American history. In this western thriller Jesse thought he had mapped out his life’s plans,  but plans are just that, plans. The people he'd meet and those he thought he knew would alter his life. Love, friendship, and necessity would control Jesse's direction in a place aptly called the " Wild West."



This is a mystery. 

Why do terrible things happen?  People. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes completely unintended, sometimes both.

Scott Daniels series

The Deception Factor:

Scott Daniels, doesn't know exactly who he is or who to trust. Will he discover his past in time to save the future?

Book Cover DF.jpg

The Deception Force:

Scott Daniels, hearing about the assassination of his best friend and partner needs to make a decision. Will Scott rejoin and save  the national security agency he and his partner created or will his craving for revenge ruin the agency and his reputation. It's a fine line possibly crossed.

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