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     As an artist I’ve discovered how to see the world in different ways. I analyze how light reacts on objects, how water moves, and the complexity of color. As an artist I attempt to isolate a time in space and invoke an interest and emotion using various media. My challenge as an artist is to observe, improvise, and create a work of art that instills an emotion in the observer.

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     I painted a quarter on a rock and placed it inconspicuously outside amongst other rocks. Last time I checked, gone, it appears someone is a rock wealthier. I guess they liked my artwork.

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Pricing List

Pricing List

To purchase original art:

To purchase a painting, please email and include the painting title.  I will respond with the price. 

If an original painting is marked as SOLD, you can still purchase copies. To purchase a copy, please see the information below.


NOTE:  Miniature paintings are mounted in a personally crafted floating frame. See sample on this page.

To purchase copies of art:

To purchase a copy or copies, please email and include the painting title.  I will respond with the price.

The following options are available:

1. Giclee on canvas:  These are available in the original size or smaller sizes.

2. Matted photo copy: These are available in tthe following two sizes.

        a. 8"x10" copy when matted fits any standard 11"x14" frame    ( $25.00 )

        b. 11"x14" copy when matted fits any standard 16"x20" frame  ( $35.00 ) 

Floating Frame

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