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For my sister...

Diamonds on the Water

1961 - 1989

Diamonds On The WaterEd Alto
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Although I know you had to go; It’s so hard to say goodbye

As I stand here and I watched you cross the border

While standing there I heard somewhere, Never let the well run dry

And your thoughts will shine like diamonds on the water

Oh…on the water


While looking through some photographs, and remembering days gone by

All these thoughts of you kept wondering through the morning

They made me sad, they made me smile, and as all the tears ran dry

I looked out at the sun upon the water

Oh…there were diamonds on the water




It came to me so suddenly, just like echoes across the sky

There’s a part of you that never crossed the border

Cause if I still remember you, then the well can not run dry

For as long as there are diamonds on the water

Oh… there’ll be diamonds on the water

And oh… there’ll be diamonds on the water



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