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It Feels so Good

It Feels So GoodEd Alto
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I’ve always been a country boy

Looking for cool mountain streams that they hide away

I want to show you where I’m from

So let the road be our river come sail away


   Step inside let’s ride the sun to places far and your dreams


   We may not be here more than once, but for now we are

   And it feels so good this morning


Look around I feel so high

Spending some time where the mountains touch the sky

And listening to a waterfall

Flow on and on as water rushes by


   And we are here to share a dream, to own this time, save         the things we need

   And even though they have to leave, well there here for now

   And it feels so good this morning




Lady in the evening sun

Making me feel there are things I’ve never done

And somehow in her special way

She can pass her light on to me in a morning rain


   Reaching out ‘til I awake, She's there alone in silence waits

   Then brings the light into my day with her touch so warm

   And it feels so good this morning

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